PowerShell Conference EU 2017 was arranged in Hannover, Germany on Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th of May 2017.

After the opening ceremony, Jeffrey Snover held the keynote for the conference: alt

Among the things he talked about is transformational changes, which the path going from traditional IT to DevOps is a great example of:


On the topic of DevOps, I would recommend Kenneth Hansen`s session “DevOps and the Harmonious Whole” where he talks about the upcoming transformation a lot of companies will be going in the coming years. I really loved the following quote which underpins the importance of this topic: alt

One of the greatest aspects of attending the PowerShell Conference is meeting people from the community. It`s really great to meet familiar faces and names from Twitter and other social media and get to talk to persons you interact with online. alt

I had a great time co-presenting two sessions where we talked about DevOps and Nano Server. Resources from both sessions is available here:

Session Title Speaker Slides Demo Code Recording
Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Nanoman! Aleksandar Nikolic & Jan Egil Ring Slides Demos Video
Take your Automated Release Pipeline to the next level Jan Egil Ring & Øyvind Kallstad Slides Demos Video

Session list of all other sessions with available slides and demo code is available here.

You can follow @PSConfEU on Twitter for the latest updates.